Meet Indu Muei: a 67-year old purun farmer from Tumbang Nusa

This November, Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta presented the results of a Value Chain Analysis on the economic potential of Purun for local stakeholders. The presentation took place at the Jabiren Raya District Office and brought together a small group of Purun farmers and weavers from the village, as well as some Purun buyers, local government representatives, and other related parties from Central Kalimantan. A lively discussion ensued about the steps that need to be taken to promote sustainable and peat-friendly livelihoods, particularly with regard to Purun processing in Tumbang Nusa Village.

Development of a Peat Fire Danger System for Indonesia

Fire Danger Rating Systems (FDRS) are used around the world to help predict and prevent wildfires. Forest and land fires are a severe problem in Indonesia, with smoke and haze production exacerbated by the country’s extensive tropical peatlands, many of which are drained and burn almost annually (Graham, 2021). Thus, major fire events are a recurrent problem for Indonesia, especially in peatlands when the peat itself ignites.