As scientists, we thrive on scientific publications. In this section, we include all of the published papers that have been generated by the Gambut Kita project to date.

Communications Archive

As project managers, it is important to us that our stakeholders understand the structure and purpose of the Gambut Kita project. Please look to the Fact Sheets here for a quick overview of the aims and objectives of each project component.

Photo and Video Gallery

As science communicators, we use a variety of media to deliver in-depth information and understanding to a wide variety of stakeholders in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. Please look here to find photos and videos from our own team efforts, as well as other videos related to sustainable peatland management in Indonesia.

Web Links to other Sites/Resources

As a bilateral research-for-development project between Australia and Indonesia we are part of a much wider network of research institutions based in Indonesia. Find further information about sustainable management of tropical peatlands through these suggested web links.